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piątek, 04 listopad 2005

Goals and Activities of "Polonia Technica, Inc."

Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians - "Polonia Technica, Inc." was established in 1941, in New York City, by a group of engineers, who after the outbreak of the World War II found themselves in The United States Of America. Polonia Technica is registered in the State of New York as a non-profit charitable organization and in 1959 received tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Polonia Technica serves as a professional and social link for Polish engineers and technicians living in the USA.

Its activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Polonia Technica provides a platform for social and educational function to its members by organizing lectures and discussion meetings;
  • Polonia Technica organizes computer-related courses, such as AutoCAD, PC hardware and computer programming, some of which were held at well know educational institutions and were tailored specifically to new immigrants;
  • Polonia Technica promotes achievements of Polish science and engineering by publications and general interest lectures;
  • Polonia Technica promotes professional cooperation among its members;
  • Polonia Technica assists newly arrived Polish engineers and technicians in acquiring necessary skills to adapt quickly in the new, US job market and to become successful professionals;
  • Polonia Technica organizes social events for members, such as annual conventions and balls, holiday parties (Christmas, Easter), and excursions;
  • During the Cold War Polonia Technica was sending some valuable technical books and publications to Polish technical universities to improve their ties with western technology, and founded the attendance of engineers from Poland at the international scientific conference in Italy;
  • In the past Polonia Technica collaborated with the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations in their programs of scholarships and exchange of scholars;
  • Polonia Technica provides educational scholarships and financial assistance to those in real need within Polish community in USA;
  • Once a year Polonia Technica organizes, in conjunction with Polish Students Organization, a series of lectures (known as "Studia 4 U") for individuals interested in higher and post-graduate education;


Polonia Technica derives its funds from the membership dues, social affairs, and donations.


To become a member:

  1. Print the membership application (PDF).
  2. Enter all your information, sign it and include a check for $40.
  3. Send it to the address below.


Contact information:

Polonia Technica, Inc

208 East 30th Str

New York, N.Y. 10016



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